Are you addicted to LoL?

In the last week, how many games of LoL have you played?

In the last week, what is the most games you've played in one session?

Have you ever been unable to stop playing after only one game?

Have you ever forgotten other hobbies to play more games of LoL?

Have you ever binged on LoL, playing three or more games at a time?

Have you ever played extra games in secret or lied to others about how much you play?

Have you ever played LoL to avoid dealing with other problems?

Have you ever avoided social activities in order to play more LoL?

Has your diet suffered because you would rather play LoL than cook a healthy meal?

Have you ever had emotional problems, especially after losing a game of LoL? Emotional problems could loss of temper, depression, frustration, anger, or resentment.

Do you continue to play LoL even after a significant decline in health?

You are: % addicted to LoL

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These squares represents the health of our community. Each colored square represents one of us who has registered in our Slack group to quit LoL. Their square will turn from red to dark green over the period of a week if they don't play LoL. Join our Slack group if you want to quit too!